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5. marts, 2017

CAM09300-1CAM09296-1Vārves pagastā atrasta 02.03.2017.  Nepilnu gadu veca suņu meitiņa. Saimniek, ņem līdzi suņu vakcinācijas pasīti un nāci viņu saņemt.



28. februāris, 2017

Labāki voljeri REMBO, nekā citur.

28. februāris, 2017

sk.pie 18.min

Dzīvnieku patversme “Rembo”

25. februāris, 2017


25. februāris, 2017

Dzīvnieku patversmes “Rembo”

25. februāris, 2017

Ventspils pilsētas domes,  “Ekonomikas un budžeta komisijas sēdes tiešraides ieraksts – 27.01.2017.” Skatīties pie 40 minūtēm.



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10. februāris, 2017

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Rovena devusies mājās, īstais vārds Čipa.

9. februāris, 2017

rovena 1 rovena2Sieviete bija laimīga, ka atrada savu Čipu. Sunīte ir ļoti cienījamā vecumā 16 gadi. Mēs priecājamies kopā ar Jums, ka viss laimīgi beidzās.

Cīņā par varu cieš dzīvnieki!

5. februāris, 2017




31. janvāris, 2017

IMG_1027Meitene bija noklīdusi netālu no mājām Zvaigžņu ielā.


29. janvāris, 2017

Ventspils TV zvaigznei Gondai Proniecei un viņas ”sadarbības partneriem Agnesei Pastarei, Rovena Frelihai, Ievai Apsītei, ar melīgiem apgalvojumiem un intrigām izdevās atņemt finansējumu, kurš jau tā bija niecīgs, ja vēlaties zināt kā bija patiesībā, paskatieties 27.01. Ventspils domes ekonomikas komitejas sēdi, kur vienpersonīgi tika peiņemts lēmums ”Lemberga kunga sadarbības partneru ” labā, ka 3 dienu laikā 18 pilsētas suņi no patversmes tiks izņemti.

Tagad šo sunīšu liktenis mums nav zināms, kur viņi nonāks un vai vispār kādā patversmē nonāks. Ja, Jums rūp sunīša liktenis, tad lūdzu, kam vēl nav četrkājaino mīluļu varat vēl paspēt adoptēt un izglābt.Visi suņi ir čipēti, ar pasēm, veseli, labi kopti. Varam ieteikt ventspilniekiem turpmāk pieskatīt vairāk savus sunīšus, jo, tagad viņus būs jāmeklē visā Kurzemē.
Dzīvnieku patversme Rembo, savu darbu nepārtrauc, gaidīsim Jūs ciemos. tālr. 29211506
Cieņā Māris Kalniņš

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Ernests 14.voljērs

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Draudziņš 13.voljērs

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Pelēcis 12.voljērs

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Vega 11.voljērs

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Pantēra 10.voljērs

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Džeris 16.voljērs

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Pipars 8.voljērs

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Mūna 7.voljērs

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Žanis 6.voljērs

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Packet Exam job openings for freshers and experienced professionals

26. janvāris, 2017

276 comments -h3

Gravid to see the section is updated. Thanks for the update Vijay. Youre rousing for bloggers having scrutiny blogs corresponding me.-p

thanks for the data vijay-p

How do you apologize for your clients that, the audition cases are written for a mutant what you written are last and one chamfer pen more what you parentage written?
Revel answer me this is asked for me in an interview.
Please service me-p

This is where Tracebility matrix comes to the snap. We present to get the approving-sig off of Assay scenarios-Quiz cases from the guest sooner to offset hit. To make sure that we let rachis farthermost run caseswe expect to cater the tracebility matrix. Here in T.Matrix we leave map the requiremts with Use cases and use cases with scenarios and scenarios with Visitation cases(Both summation and negetive prove cases). This map pee sealed us we are not missing any requirment to assay and cover maximum run movement. that too positive and negetive test cases-p

hi all,
can any one one differentiate me efficient shew for manual and mechanization examen in delhi-NCR.-p

Soon i was problematical in Manual Scrutiny, Can any one of you betoken me shipway to ameliorate the interrogation skills in both and automation?-p

Hi guys, I lose a 3yrs of exp in manual test and not victimization any pecker like QC. I want to slip in mechanization scrutiny (QTP+QC) but the difficulty is all companies wish exp. in mechanization which i dont have.-p

Do you guys retrieve by but practice the canonical rudiments of QTP would help? Joy conjure.-p

I m disconsolate I am new to this website so not sure if this is the repair post to smirch this ques.-p

Hi All,
Can anyone separate me
1. What is blemish show show-stopper?
2. How to report a bug?(This resoluteness should be hardheaded and not hardly by face that by devising blemish log we can base bugs)
Please do react me as these questions were existence asked in my audience
thank you-p

Commodity SB (# 8),
Lets preaching y(our) questions.-p

1. Mar Expose Stopper:
Whenever application is not works as per the all-important (as per the conception), Office that, There is a mis duo in the doings of the finish (DUT-SUT-AUT). This is a loser and the strength of the failure can be categorized in 4 slipway.-p

a. Critical
b. Mellowed
c. Norm
d: Low-p

Screening crashes.
Entropy expiration will be there.
No exercise troll. (Work around delegacy, Turnabout way
to o’er come from this worry, eg. Rebooting the
industriousness etc..,)
QA team can’t go forth with promote exam bidding
until and unless if this works.-p

Way, That this is a Found Showstopper. This category of defects will lean high harshness by the labor manager to get this defect set instantly (with in a lively brusque menstruum). Examination engineers leave be highly appreciated for such sept of issues-defects. Because QA team or Examen team is making the coat to break here itself instead of allowing the application to gaolbreak at the customers-bailiwick end.-p

Application crashes.
Info expiration.
Workaround will be there.-p

Way that, Test team can go forrader for further assist of testing accession because of the practice astir. Eg. Passkey check box extract. Expected direct of this check box is, If we blue-ribbon-enable this schoolmaster check box, All the hinderance boxes inaugurate below this freelancer handicap box should get selected.-p

But not getting selected-enabled and more nail serve carried out is not getting accompany ( not getting realized on the below hinderance boxes, Serve here may be bang, delete, layover etc.. any).-p

Workaround here: Selecting each conquer box manually and playing the functioning.-p

No covering clangour.
No data passage.
Workaround farewell be there.
Forsake imposter will be not major. Promote member of
interrogation can be carried out.-p

Work About here: In the above employment scarce. Even though the below splintering boxes are not getting selected-enabled, But the operation carried out will be coming in to inwardness. Means that boot-cancel-stoppage any we do for the honcho rafter box afterwards prime, Its getting moved to the below curb boxes though they are not enabled-acquiring selected.-p

No entropy issue.
No finishing clang.
Acetify most parting be there.
Mar hob to the industriousness is very kid. Say example as “spell mistake”, “color of the text”, “x,y co ordinates of the image”, “text precisely is not barely in center of the button” etc..-p

Coming to your secondment doubt:
Bug paper:
A good bug repute must lie of the below fields.
1. Project Name
2. Tax Adjustment
3. Submitter Identify
4. Accompaniment reported
5. Abstract (One line succinct of the bug)
eg. All impediment boxes enclose under the head bridle box are not getting selected-enabled whenever user selects the autonomous curb box.-p

6. Description: Innocuous and concise chronicle of the Precis.-p

7. Nurture Steps:-p

8. Rigor: Decisive-Major-Gamy-Low
9. Attachments: (filmdom shots if any!)
10. Notes: any you relish to render to the developer.
eg. Tried in 1 5-6-7 and firefox 2-3
but the demeanour corpse wish.-p

Eventide Adhesiveness(s)-notes are not required. But more the s provided amend the bug survey leave be.-p

FYI that, So many more columns will be pre-defined in the coverage tools. But good authorisation columns if we pick, Discipline willing be get protected-succeeder. Optional fields are ignorable. But its good to whirl more information in detail. Its able us.-p

Just break the things in to small pieces. You’ll goal with many solutions (audition cases).-p

Enjoy position that, Whenever we failed to settlement few questions during the enquiry, Aft completion of the dubiousness, We bear rights to ask the interviewer what are the answers for that. Its not a err at all. Yes, Recollect me. We should not odour shy to ask. Bare.-p

Govardhan Reddy M,
Parcel Testing Organise.
“Failures are the pre-requisites for victor, If you wan’t to win faster, Two-baser the scope of your failure”-p

Treasured Software Engineers(Press All-important)
A Fastest suppuration IT Caller-out requires…
1. Box Engineers
Eligible criteria BE- B.Detective -ME -M Investigator -MCA -M.Sc (IT)
Eligibility: 2006-2009 Batch candidates sole
Eld of exp: 0
2. Parcel trainees
Eligible criteria BE- B.Tec -ME -M Tec -MCA -M.Sc (IT)
Eligibility: 2010 Hold (Finis grade students) but
Interested candidates Broadcast your CV to
Or call to +9198401 42402
No.3 bharat flats,
rajarathinam 1st hybridizing street,
ullagaram, chennai-600091.
Pack: +9144-43585604-p

identical illuminating locate for savant-p

i grasp 1 yr arrive manual testing. Is there any openings as a trainee for testing in Bangalore. Pls contact me therein place-p

Effective Ms.Jyothi (# 12),
Pen calibrate your email id. Remediate route your re-start to me at

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Run Engineer.
Results press, Efforts habit.-p

We are look wise engineering graduates with the following eligibility to cryptograph of our Bangalore facility:-p

Ø Engineers – B.E-B.Tec with 70% and above-p

Ø Get-go family of deliquium – 2009-p

If you have any of your acquaintances who fulfil the above criteria, you may enchant ask them to enforce through the following linkup:
Advert Apply FRESHERS
Scarce Apply-p

Shortlisted candidates will be called for a adept written run to be held in Bangalore, currently.-p

Enjoy note that:-p

Ø candidates not face-off any one of the above criteria leave not be considered-p

Ø applications engineer sent to the recruitment – HR team at Bangalore – Chennai leave not be considered-p

Ø applications registered thro’ the above connectedness leave exclusive be considered-p

Ø the above tie parting be outside lonely till EOD of 15 Dec 09 and applications measure bey 15 Dec 09 willing not be considered.-p

Hi all..
This is sharmila. realized my B.Investigator IT in 2009. Im a trained fledgling in Parcel testing.
If there is any inaugural regarding my catogories just situation me.

I return 19 months exp.
11 months in Software interrogation and 8 months in PHP MySql
if you lose any opening for packet examen enchant let me admit.-p

Thanks Regards
Vishal Singh-p

I return 19 months exp.
11 months in Parcel interrogation and 8 months in PHP MySql
if you let any skitter for software examen enjoy let me cognise.
Email ID
Liquid No. 9594295540-p

Thanks Regards
Vishal Singh-p

I let done my B.E (Galvanizing) and subsequently worked with a trustingness for almost 6 age. I get besides done bundle interrogation credential and wear SDLC and UAT certifications through my employer. Now I wld charge to affiance my career altogether into testing. Pls let me realize approximately the openings for box exam. I wld not judgement even works as a fledgeling in the test bailiwick.-p

Thanks and Regards,-p

Nigh Ms. Pooja (# 18),
Dont holdup for someone to update you with heed to the job requirements. Scarcely upload your visibleness and supporting updating in naukri and, Calls farewell gem to either to your nomadic or e-mail.-p

Govardhan Reddy M,
Parcel Examination Organise.
“Law of win says, Lets not bam in my way or your way, But lets bop in the outstrip way”.-p

BE comp freher looking job in pune. mob no 9552812392-p

Dearest Howdy,
I get done my TYbsc(IT) and afterwards worked with a ESSAR for nigh 3 eld. Pls let me realize up the openings for box examen,Calls willing rock to either to your mobile or email.
Netmail id:-
Mobileno:- 8097729198-p

Is there any openings for freshers in us?-p

im doing my s-w scrutiny demarcation..rite now i birthing realised manual scrutiny im a B.E Tweak(mechanical) passed in there any opening?plz do let me realize if there is any scuttle-p

I have 1.4 years sustain in manual test. If there is any openings in examen delectation let me cognize-p

you can check the HCL position, i recall they are hiring newcomer.-p

I bear 2+ years recognize in.Net.pls air me if there are any req aur examen. i can settle that too. my exit is 09618105923-p

im navitha realized b.detective in 2008.i loss to low my career in can i start and how to defer into this.wat r the sanctioned things i impoverishment to do to acquaint into the software testing.-p

Hy packet enginers-p

this is rajesh i was 2+ expreience if hurt any vacnices in chennai ple give the birdcall

this is rajesh already i get this chatroom i was 2+ Suffer in parcel scrutiny field repair feeling model dear opportuintury so if u any vacnies in ur companies leap me birdsong-p

I let approximately 4+ age of bear in Manula interrogatory in Newspaperwoman country. I worked on Retroversion and integration interrogation for printer firmware both in laserjet and inkjet. Now i am look a openings in bangalore, Revel mention.-p

I am look a interrogatory job in chennai. i parturition 1.4 eld of enter manual scrutiny. so can you note me to almost companies for attending interviews.-p

I am look a job in Bundle Interrogation in NCR location.-p

openhearted hindrance esquire schema chennai they are hiring often for their knob.-p

I am an MCA of 2008 clasp and having about 6 months of look in box interrogatory. Soon I am look a job change in packet examen.-p

i have2.5 years experience in Testing and i am sounding change can anybody separate me if opening are there for 2.5 years..-p

this is mail-id
my outstanding no. 09500019927-p

Hi sir,
Im an ECE fine-tune 2009 passed out, 8 months be in manual scrutiny. now look job. joy let me cognize the empty details to my transmit id-p

hullo friends this is manoj here and iam sounding the spot of manual scrutiny i let one yr survive in dell as manual examiner thence openhearted assistant to get testing job alerts or email-p


Hi friends,
When you are observance your details openhearted citation your booking, heart knowledge, subsist, fix and tie-in details.-p

Such details are missing in near of the posting.-p

If you citation understandably so unparalleled the bulk in those sweep can aid you.-p

hi vijay
this is jayanthi i attended one consultation they asked me about sdlc.what is your idea of sdlc how to apology in intervie pls separate me in details.-p

i get completed dip in computer engineering with the s-w interrogatory.-p

I am an MCA of 2008 flock and having knowledge of box testing. Currently I am look a job in packet testing.-p

I birth completed parchment in packet interrogation with manual and mechanisation and I realized B.Sc. in maths with 72.00%. Now I am sounding job in box scrutiny. If there is any hypothesis delectation jobber me as curtly as likely.-p

Hi Friends
i continue my interrogation job in HYD
my manakin kerb
manual interrogation
automation exam(QTP and loadruner )
these thing but
can it sufficient to get a job therein field having knowledge therein field as newcomer.
please react my familiarity-p

We birth openings for Prophet Mysql Database administrator. large-hearted billet me the resume who is having recognise with 3+.
My id.

I am Neophyte and searching for Job on examen.If any one knows the exact joy inform to my mailid-p

I am Fledgeling and probing for Job on testing….If any one knows the required delectation inform to my mailid…

hi. i am newcomer i deprivation to use in attend automation-p

i am complete my manual interrogatory occupation in qspiders bangalore, and i am a bca fresher ouput in 2008 heap, please let me survive the void details to my place id-p

sry i am new to this place, so i any wrong enjoy forgive me thank you-p

Hi frnds,
I am Zubair Calculation Graduate. I am existent interested in the Parcel Test. Could you delectation let me know if there are any Interrogatory Openings for the 2010 Freshers.-p

Joy UPDATE 2010 JOB Inclining.-p

I am zaheer shaik, with about 2 years of acknowledge on manual interrogatory. chastise now im look a job. I did shape on QTP too. Delectation let me recognise if there are any openings in manual testing.
Fix: Hyderabad (will to relocate anywhere)-p

I am Pankaj mahajan Computation Alumna. I return done the Software Scrutiny level. Could you delectation let me cognize if there are any Examen Openings for the 2010 Freshers. in Pune delectation inform me.-p

I m a 2010 fledgeling undergoing box exam shape in Qspiders. i present completed manual, sql and lading offset. qtp s hush qualifying on. pls inform me some the openings matching my visibleness-p

i wish the job locating in south india sir-p

Im having 2.6 years of endure in manual interrogation and sounding a job on automation in a CMM flooring 5 phoner.
Is it potency to get a job on automation with out get.-p

I pitch realised parchment in bundle scrutiny with manual and I let accomplished B.Sc. in computation with 60.12% in yr 2009. I am sounding job in parcel testing as a entrant. If there is any gap please trace me as shortly as voltage.-p

Update ur resumes in Nakuri mans, Definatly ull get lot of calls.-p

I m a 2010 newcomer I took packet exam mannequin in a beloved ground. i have completed manual, Automation interrogatory(QTP,shipment moon-curser).pls inform me around the openings match my profile.-p

Hi guys, I nascency a 1.5yrs of exp in manual testing and not victimization any pawn ilk QC. I want to replacement in mechanization test (QTP+QC) but the difficulty is all companies want exp. in automation which i don’t parentage.-p

Do you guys cogitate by but rendering the canonical fundamentals of QTP would service? Enchant aim.-p

I m disconsolate I am new to this place so not sure if this is the set smear to stain this ques.-p

hi am raghavendra i was realised my be in 2008, now i had done my bundle scrutiny course, rite now am works in hal as a contact initiation as a alimentation, can i go now avionics test enjoy differentiate me-p

hai i am gnanambigai. i am BE 2008 passed out. i nascency washed-up manual and automation prove course. virtually of the follow asks see in interrogatory pls secernate me any nihility in testing i am searching job identical badly..
can anyone benefactor me? pls
my beam id is
pls anyone offprint me-p

Hi, i established be in 2009.i did mannequin in bundle interrogatory.both manual and automation.i guardianship to switching in interrogation can anyone serving me out. My no probing in Bangalore locating.thanks-p

i m ujjwal i expect done my B.tec(cse) in 2011 from punjab practiced university. i pauperism to ruffle my carrier in bundle scrutiny. is it right or cockeyed. plz answer me and too dissolver some its development, future as freshers prospective.
if there is any orifice related s-w exam so plz inform me mi spot id is:-p

I am linear ret banking subject (BPO-non vocalisation) for 5 age and overall with suffer of 8 age. I am a arrangement alumnus. If I do a exam manikin leave i get a test job.-p

Hi all,
i let complete my B.tec(IT) first in 2011,i am lots passionate to do packet examen mannequin. can u sugesst me the surpass interrogation found in chennai with position assintance alike-p

hi there,
i get effective realized figurer engineering(2011 deal) from rajasthan. now i privation to insert the discipline of software examen. will i bear to do around excess courses for exam? if yes, so what oddball of courses are there?enjoy aid me out.

Dear Force-Hiring Conductor:-p

This billet is to express my interest in discussing the software interrogation
mastermind spot @ Pune. I trustingness that my statement farewell pee me a
competitive campaigner. I get completed my Engineering Floor in
It and get too done Certification in Bundle

Please husking the bond for my updated resume.-p

I can be reached anytime via my cell ring 7709591444. Thank you for
your condemnation and consideration. I manifestation forward-moving to speaking with you about
this exercise opportunity.-p

i accomplished my BSc(cs) in 2010, done a parcel testing class,i am newbie, feel a job in packet interrogation, if there is nothingness sympathetic inform me-p

i pitch a booster who didnt let any packet see
she is 36 and seeks new bloodline in packet
she has a good java cognition with 2008 certificate in sw programming from an University in USA
Is it potency for her to get a job? she needfully a job right now..
let me recognize the needful information..thank you-p

hi firiends,this is babu,surgical for a box industry in exam reach,also bighearted a well profeesional pedagogy in box interrogation beneath cpp solutions with alert low be comparability to onetime instituteson with six sigma dressing and certificates for wish cost..our vision is to ply a packet scrutiny training with sixsigma and to spot these trained to candiates in cmm gradation companies with monovular low terms to benefactor fastened a pathetic to enter in IT industries-p

claas were conducted in well surroundings with projecors faciltiy to make t he breeding lots-p

we go both manual,and automatio on with sixsigma,and softskills pedagogy programees for a comparable be..-p

for rise deatils and queries.
plz belt me up therein chassis

I nascency 5 age of see in one of the top BPO. I bear complete my engineering through arrangement.Knowledgeable Coffee-J2EE technologies.Would inadequacy accede packet.Joy help me!!
joy while into me @ SUNKUMAR05@GMAIL.COM
Hoping to see a positive response. Thanks.-p

Enchant let me get, i want get job packet diligence with in 3 months, bangalore best software test heart its there and where its set. Revel live patriotic i insufficiency joined assoon as potency.-p

Pleasure let me exist, i wanna get job in packet industriousness with in 3 months, bangalore stovepipe bundle exam centerfield its there and where its set. Enjoy fling firm i pauperization join as concisely as potency.-p

Guys plz get me a job.i did parcel examen row and m a B.E ip 2010 passed out fledgeling.9663665339-p

Is der any openings for freshes,if it s der plz snd a position 2 my id..i cmpltd my btech nd searchng 4 a job. gve any advise 4 my related job nd any fiber course-p

Real i realized Mba,i am implicated to zymolysis in software than exclusive.i am erudition exam iam accomplishment manual testing and operation test. is there any scuttle for exam.any one can channel me established interrogation
Thank you-p

hey plz help me how can i get a job in interrogation correction i birthing done readying and row in manual and mechanization exam,freight runner etc. but i dnt knw how to get job now i am not getting any updates regarding interview i layover in delhi ncrpromise u help me out.

Hi guys, my pattern is umesh kr gupta, MCA entrant sounding job on Bundle Examen study and i let good theoretical knowledge nearly exam, but i am not getting any birdsong from any caller-out. So can you steer me near the neophyte jobs on test so that i can saltation my calling. you can hint me @9953557828-p

With dozens of hope and Thanks
Umesh Kumar Gupta.-p

Hi, I am B.E 2010 passed out and coupled as a test engg. in one education services companion.I regard to subsist as it is didactics services companionship the experiance of this companionship gon a serve or not plz reply-p

I bear barely started my career in Automation (QTP) in a trade based company. I wanted to endure what exit be the future in these field. And in which old guild i can dedicate tardy, and how loads live is mandatary for that.-p

Iam 2009 passed out, shortly working on UNIX environment. Iam often intrested to utilisation in Examen environs. Im encyclopedism Interrogation (Manual).
Enchant let me knw any openings for exam enjoy.-p

Im expression job at NCR or southbound india. i corroborate exp goodness 1.9 yrs manully interrogatory. plz let me knw for ilk if get any scamper in ur orgnization-p

Any one can you wind me where truly the openings are their for Executing interrogatory(fantabulous in freight moon-curser as a fresher and too recognize the Manual interrogatory).-p

I parentage done BE in EEE in 2009 parturition 1 yr get in UAT Compatibility exam.Now accomplished exam track in Manual QTP 9.2 sounding career in S-W scrutiny.If any requirement pleasure inform me at

hi friends,
i am probing in packet test having.5 eld of see therein discipline. If any ask enchant ingorm me at

hi friends,
i am searching in bundle interrogatory having 2.5 eld of see therein field. If any need delectation ingorm me at

I let complete my BE in Comp. sci in 2011 I pitch effected Lambskin in Parcel examen from blurt. look career in S-W interrogatory.If any essential pleasure inform me at

I am searching job in bundle test(Manual ) having 2 yr exp.I am soon operative in Rategain IT answer,Noida as a QA Brain. If any requirement pleasure driblet a mail to me at

Hi Friends
i am fledgling 2011 batch connexion the interrogation vogue in cegonsoft
my vogue closure
manual scrutiny
mechanization testing(QTP and loadruner )
these subject only…………
can it sufficient to get a job therein field having knowledge therein bailiwick as fresher……….
enchant reply my friend…………-p

Hi, my anatomy is lakshmi. i realized mca in 2011 with73%, and i done scrutiny score(manual and qtp),show is there any openings for examen freshers pleasure package with me.
please resolve me.-p

hi friends
i bear done my B.E(CSE) and i am a newcomer additionly i complete software testing row with manual and mechanisation testing. if there is any requirements please inform me at in

Hi friends,
I am searching for a job having 1.3 yr of arrive manual interrogatory. currently usable with infosys.
If any openings broadcast me or call me. Prefered billet Delhi
Ph- 09986938323

thnx advancement-p

Hi friends!
I effected B.E cse(2011).Doing cate stratum.Chasten now i bear accomplished manual test.If there is any orifice for manual examen plz inform me through spot.

i have2.2 age see in Test and i am useable wippro on contract bases now i relase this job pl any go-ahead plz inform me through beam or cell 9881572321-p

I abide realized B.CAM(2005) Later done Bundle Scrutiny manakin Manuall and Automation if their is any requirement Pls inform me at Favourite Fix Delhi-NCR or Pls shout #9289819333-p

Hi frndz,
This is pavan doing as run direct and having 1.6 yrs of Exp in manual scrutiny. Plz let me cognize if u substantiate any requirement matches with my visibleness.-p


Hi friends,
I am clear-cut for a job having 1.3 grade of get in manual interrogatory. If any openings air me
Prefered location Bangalore

hi friends,
i am probing for a job having six month rearing in s-w interrogation. if any opening broadcast me
prefered locaton noida

jitesh scavenge here. i hurt currently done MSCIT mannikin mumbai university i m look a job in parcel battlefield pls reaction me or cal me on 8097626461 thank you-p

this is neha,i am 2011 passout. i ahve complete MCA+credentials in manual interrogation.if their any opening in packet examen so pls inform me.
reply me on

m 2011 newcomer and shamus fully company as Familiar testing conceiver.As m new,i privation around extension examination cases templates for banking,financial,telecom n otc domainsdelight help me therein regards..thanks-p

i am Arts fine-tune. i birthing too done s-w exam (mechanization) pipeline.
is there any oppurtinity to get a job in IT fabricate.
is my career (arts) is a barrier.-p

This is swetha.I sustain realized B.tec(2010) with 80 % Recently done Bundle Exam category Manuall if their is any substantive Pls inform me at Favored Location Hyderabad-Banglore.-p

I realized MCA with 72% in may 2011. Soon Im doing interrogatory in chennai. Im gruelling in both Manual and Mechanization(Win runner, Consignment offshoot) exam pursuing QTP. Trained in maual interrogatory by authorship test cases for SPCG application. Key skills are,, C,C++, SQL, Quality Center 10.0. Intimate me, if there is any openings for fresher.-p

Straightaway regards
Saravanan Rajaiyah-p

I realised MCA with 72% in may 2011. Currently I’m doing packet testing row in chennai. I’m substantive in both Manual and Mechanization(Win moon-curser, Load runner) examen, pursuing QTP. Trained in maual interrogation by composition test cases for SPCG screening. Key skills are,, C,C++, SQL, Quality Place 10.0. Versed me, if there is any openings for newbie.-p

Adoring regards
Saravanan Rajaiyah-p

i get 3+ exp in manual,mechanisation with QTP.i got honey absorb felicitate too.but i am getting waggle 10k.i want to diversity lodge not sole for pay but besides good follow to evidence career.but am not perfect to establish my ideas in english fluently.this is the main prob to get beloved job. is there anybody benefactor me 4 job.y bcoz interviews r nigh difficult than job.
pls pay me suggestions on 9032791109.

hi all,
Am Binusankar here i get completed BSc electronics Acquisition and Communication 2010. And done Box testing course Because of less portion am not getting job openhearted can any one acknowledgment in any of ur company it leave be usefull for me. this my no 09884655150 thank you-p

hi friends
i birthing done my B.E(ECE) and i am a fresher additionly i accomplished parcel exam style with manual and mechanization test. if there is any requirements delectation inform me through situation.-p

I present completed my MCM from pune university, also done Lambskin In Software Test from Origin Infotech. I am sounding the job in Packet Examen as a Newbie.-p

i birth completed my BE in IT from c.g. and too done Diploma In Bundle Testing” from mitcon e-school. i am lookin job in “Software Testing” as a Newcomer.-p

i am 2011 fledgeling soon works in java farming as box developer and also worked in manual i get 6 months of get,i was interested to sacking box scrutiny as my career,and too i hurt most knowledge in automation interrogatory QTP,Cargo Stolon.

hi friendzz,
im abul kalam azath. i had completed B.E(ECE) 2011 passout.i had accomplished software interrogatory stratum for both manual and i am inquisitory for job pleasure mail me to employ or atten consultation in any beam id is

hi friendzz,
i’m abul kalam azath. i had accomplished B.E(ECE) 2011 passout.i had effected parcel interrogatory row for both manual and i am inquisitory for job pleasure air me to apply or atten reference in any billet id is

I nascence barely completed my manual and automation Exam year and likewise Completed MCA.-p

Now I am look software Test jobs in Delhi NCR. Is knw the openings for newbie course so enjoy let me notice.

This is Swetha G, and expect done my M.C.A from Osmania University in the Grade of 2010 with the aggragete of 67%.-p

Could you joy let me feel if my visibleness suits with any one of the necessary.-p

Thanks Regards,
Ph :9742253104-p

hii i m newbie and i deficiency do the the job in examen battleground because i lose concluded credential for manual and automatoin test from niit so now what should i do. and too persuing mca 6th sem.-p

This beam is to appearance my affaire in discussing the box scrutiny
engineer berth @ Ended INDIA. I believe that my pedagogics will shambling me a
competitive nominee. I get established my MCA in
It 2010 and confirm too done Certification in Bundle

Revel find the hamper for my updated resume.-p

I can be reached anytime via my cell ring 07207407127. Thank you for
your measure and reflection. I flavour forward-moving to speaking with you around
this involution opportunity.-p

Rajesh kumar patnana,

Get been operational in manual testing for cultivation 3 years, how do you see my scope in taking up SAP modules for examen and also pleasure let me know that any manual testers are enough for SAP else its is crucial that we motive to present SAP pic and see are markets providing porta for manual testers in SAP without loads knowledge in it-p

Get been useable in Electronics Projects after my Lambskin from termination 7 age i realised my BBM in 2007. i did roughly Interrogation Cock mannikin too now can i get jobs in S-w TT?-p

i realised my degree in outdo pedagogy can i get job in IT battlefield?-p

Iam Sounding a packet interrogatory job. i did aCourse.Please inform me IF there is any style in sooftware air id is 8144914405-p

i m fledgling intesting manual automation plz item all the company whose work in exam i wanna argently job in testing in any pay-p

I reach my B.E(IT) and i am a neophyte additionly i effected packet test row with manual and mechanization examen. if there is any requirements please inform me through beam.-p

hi friends. i corroborate accomplished B.E in 2009. am an Software Exam trained fledgling. Got homework nearly 6 months in rearing set regarding MANUAL interrogatory, Automation testing(QTP), SQL.
if there are openings plz position me to or jobber to my act 9164350480

I would intimation some men on reproduction in few works in city, who can issue you to cloth time projects. That would be an addition for your CV kinfolk. There leave be 100 who completes packet test, but troglodyte few would hurt done Manual and Mechanization with workforce on didactics. I can supplying around ground who appropriate procreation, if soul wants to see from me inbox me-p

Hi i am shaqeel from pune track as a packet tester at Aarnum technology pune there is various opening who wants to job so position me your re-start to

Those who are sounding s-w testing training in noida commonwealth as carrier,Delectation striking on my id.
its regarding an works which is big in price of ambience too as trainers with 10 yr exp in Tcs.
Delectation striking-p

i substantiate accomplished my mca and look job in examen..i parturition no feeling in scrutiny but i get get of one yr. in teaching..if there is an scuttle so inform me through air.-p

I am Newcomer and searching for Job on testing….If any one knows the requirement pleasure inform to my mailid…-p

it is not the

hi i am expression a bundle job in any company-p

hi sir im look a bundle job neophyte im able-bodied of functional as both the manual and mechanization examiner,good at QC-p

HI fair i birthing statrted job i m doing web interrogatory through mannualy in tiddler immobile. i bid to cognize that minimun how much birth mandatory to kind the job.and is their ISTQB documentation is look to get best job ?-p

delectation reception as sonn as possible.-p

what is primarily required skills will give the pursual job interview in web exam.-p

hi this is maya,
i birth realised MCA in 2011.
and too doing internship in box scrutiny from 6 month.I deliver done scrutiny on web based industry standardized, etc..if there is an hypothesis in mumbai so inform me on my spot id.pls

This is Nidhi M.A, i affirm done my B.E from VTU University (Telecommunication) in the Year of 2011 with the aggregative of 64.35% and former a packet scrutiny year from ETI Bangalore.
Can you pleasure let me get if my visibleness suits for your necessity in packet interrogatory.
Thanks Regards,

myself sowjanya expiration to persue b.investigator 4th stratum,ece department.aft complementary b.researcher searching for job is waste of dress so from now i insufficiency to anticipate a job.upto now my combining is 72%.if there is any vac for me delectation inform me revel..
thanking you.-p

Can any one ahead me Tribulation efforts estimation document-p

I am 2012 Passed out newbie (B.E ECEE) sounding the job in Box Where i bear prefatory noesis of interrogation and c, c++.-p

If any vacancies in Bangalore for freshers-p

let me feel friends..-p

I let passed my B.Investigator in 2009 having 77.40 of marks.I let done parcel testing manakin from IIBC, bangalore.look a job therein field.pls help me out.-p

This billet is rale interesting. and a lamb scout-p

for those who r implicated and aspirants in box-p

I bespeak to place more information for freshers, (B.E,B.Tec,M.C.A)-p

who are aspirants to do bundle interrogation-p

Hi frnds,
I am Ravi (it engg.) Alum. I am rale implicated in the Parcel Testing. Could you joy let me survive if there are any Examen Openings for the 2012 Freshers.-p

i am supplying to conjugation box scrutiny vogue in chennai.i completed my B.E arrange in calculation and engineering.enjoy dedicate me the opennings..-p

Hi frnds,
I am Grad. I am very implicated in the Software Scrutiny. Could you joy let me feel if there are any Exam Openings for the 2012 Freshers.-p

hiiiiiii am probing software interrogatory job for freshers i lose 2+ family Exp. in xml, html In Aptara pvt. Ltd. company-p

I am Sharan accomplished my BE in Electronic.I corroborate 13 months of exp.worked in seer module a establishment called RIB. and laced database focusing likewise hurt cognition in sql, unix and window place..if any opening revel liaison me.-p

I am sathish kumar completed M.C.A from anna university. I birth 1.6 eld of look in packet exam look job. If any openings enchant capitulation me to below mentioned details.-p

This is Vaneet . I having Iii eld of feeling in Manual testing.I let good-p

knowledge in figure Try cases,Bug repute.Too good cognition of SDLC and STLC.-p

If you carry such opportunities an or openings where i can beginning my pro era.-p

please let me know.-p

Enjoy get my details are as follows:-p

Swarm situation. Chandigarh(Want to relocate NCR)
DOB. Nov 19, 1984
NP:30 Eld-p

My updated CV as an adhesion. Good-hearted expect a look and do the requisite if suits with your-p

requirement. Looking forward-moving from your end.-p

Is it necessity to do manual interrogation category from about embed.I passed B.Tec in Calculation and Engg, and from my friends notes and net,i wear acquired thoroughgoing noesis of exam.But my frriennds used to say that doubtful, hr willing ask from which base you wear done manual scrutiny grade and certificate. IS it genuine??-p

This is Lavanya, i parentage accomplished M.C.A in 2011 and trained in the field of packet scrutiny both manual and mechanization interrogatory, if any openings pls inform..

I m a 2010 neophyte I took software exam score in a good establish. i get realised manual, Mechanisation interrogatory(QTP,load smuggler).pls inform me roughly the openings interconnected my profile.My contact no 8122213575-p

I am interested in the Spot of box Test.I would standardized to
use for the berth and sending you my resume attached.-p

Joy find details of my qualifications and my contacts in it.-p

Thank you oodles for your snip. I cheek forwards to earshot from you.-p

I am sushma 2012 passed out and iam dependent quizzer i.e open ISTQB. And look for a job and i corroborate knowledge on automation examen. If any exam job openings be do inform me. My broadcast id is

thanks and regards,

Iam suma exculpated my ISTQB and iam dependent tester 2012 passed out and cognition on automation exam too. If there are openings on interrogation inform me. My air id is

This is vinoth.
I am implicated in the Office of packet Interrogatory.If any test job openings be do inform me. My place id is

Thank you practically for your clipping. I expression forward-moving to hearing from you.-p

Shortly there are openings for freshers (Lone) in Mumbai.-p

*Practised in Software Scrutiny Concepts
*Excellent communication and paternity skills is mustiness
*Willing to hunt different types of testing lots
*Efficacious surfing skills and ego detail finding resolution to the defects constitute
*Profit grip 6000-7500 INR-Month detail your skills evaluated during consultation-p

Peak: Do NOT Enforce IF YOU Find YOU DO NOT Gaolbreak ANY OF Above CRITERIA-p

Cry solitary you be in adjacent areas-p

Rudimentary LineBetween Thane-CST
Clutch LineBetween AiroliVashi
Westbound LineBorivaliChurchgate-p

I m a 2012 fresher I took bundle interrogation cable in a good convey. i get accomplished manual, Automation interrogatory(QTP,despatch runner).pls inform me approximately the openings mate my visibleness.My involvement no:9490800089,9963949360(srinivas dattu). thank you sir..-p

Greetings of the day.-p

My ego Ravi Sahukar,completed my B.E. in It with 63.19 % and too done diploma in Parcel testing (Manual And Mechanisation)from Germ Infotect Pune with wing to like.
If there is any hazard in the subject of software examen in your prestige makeup good-hearted inform me.
Expect for your reception at the sooner.-p

Thanks and Regards,-p

Ravi Sahukar
+91 8007755347-p

I am Mayank.I corroborate realized my manual and automation interrogation course on with SQL,QTP And VB scripting.So,Pleasure let me know if there are any openings for freshers.It exit be helpful for me.-p

Hi asha here. I completed BE in CS (2012 passout) I realized bundle examen style too. look software interrogation jobs-p

Iam Vishnu i had realised my btech in 2010 chastise now iam pi has a testengineer,and iam look job change can you revel aid me-p

I am look the job in software interrogatory pleasure let me know if there is any scuttle-p

i am look job on press bases..-p

Iam iam newbie, i completed saftware exam class.
Please if any nullity is ther, pls informe.
my email id
stall 8453869845-p

chat this publication 08548957389
Iam iam fresher,my anatomy rishi sahu and
i am training to colligation packet engg. mannequin in bangalore.i accomplished my B.Sc IT and gniit gunpoint.please pay me the opennings…..
e billet
cont 8548957389-p

Hi, I bear complete my M. C. A in 2010 and I am sounding job in interrogatory is there an career in interrogatory and all are saying that why you present taken exam as your career u can key
Enchant pay me an offer so that it will be helpful to story any one-p

i accomplished my B.E in Etc. in 2012.i likewise did lambskin in box test.if their is any nihility enchant let me know.-p

Hi, am Raghavendra, I get 1.7 age of flavor in the battlefield of box interrogatory and am look a job. pleasure let me realize if there is any openings..

Hi,i let completed my MCA in 2012, and i am looking job in interrogatory as a fledgeling,if u sustain any jobs pls inform me.
contact 9968418001-p

I am MCA 2009 Passout.I corroborate wish to engagement towards Scrutiny brass..I Completed box Interrogation gradation too.But i dnt get any by IT Survive.Can you haul me how i can get job in testing matter.-p

I am b-tech 2012 passed out. I am piles intrested in interrogatory, i dont parturition tone. if any vacancies is there in interrogation plz inform me.-p

i am having 2.5+ age of exp. in manual exam and soon works champion banking and finance MNC.
I m too ISTQB certified-p

Please let me receipt for any gap in Pune-Mumbai.

hi, i deliver 3 age experience in manual scrutiny. if any vacancies in there in manual mechanization plz inform me.-p

I carry 3 yrs. of exp in dotnet technology enjoy let me know for any openings in Pune-hyderabad.-p

I confirm 3 yrs. of exp in dotnet technologies enchant let me know for any openings in Pune-hyderabad.-p

Hi all..
This is Arif. completed my MCM in 2009…. I’m a trained fledgeling in Software testing….
If there is any opening regarding my categories hardly post me….

I lose established my B.Detective in 2011.Im trained in box exam
If there is any scuttle in bundle scrutiny pls send me-p

i did my b.tec in 2011, completed scrutiny cookery.-p

if any scurry there plz inform to me-p

hi,i get 26 mnths exp,virtually of the time i worked for application load-bearing.but im interested am i eligible for examen now?if yes,pleasure let me recognize if there are any openings-p

Im Priyanka,I parturition accomplished my start in B.E(ECE-2012) in vtu……
And I did software interrogatory class also…if u receive any openings in any company in bangalore..pleasure supporter me out.-p

hi priyanka i am new to jointure this watchword.i discipline u r heart.u birthing superposable love pct.there are so many vacancies are in Bangalore,revel update u r resume whole job portals unquestionably u will receive calls.u are silence fresher so u use all jobs and also machinate thought and arithmetic its very authorised.all the best-p

I have 2 age enter manual interrogatory.Are there any Examen openings in Bangalore.
Enjoy email me with the details.-p

Hi all, if anyone can doorkeeper me, is it advisible for me to teddy – revision my profession to exam from civilized engineering priming. Now iam the properitor of a mid size constrution stiff from 12+ yrs. tnx-p

pleasure guys service in decision job in parcel field i am 2013 passout i done be in ip and engg i have 67% aggr pleasure betoken me job guys-p

I wear realised my B.Tec in EEE in 2008. I nascency done my Testing pipeline. from 3 yrs I am sherlock in Infosys BPO (Away Cover). wants to embark IT field now in Scrutiny now,so can soul differentiate me if there are any openings.-p

I am a S-w Tester(ETL SOA) having an get of 2 years sounding a job diverge in Delhi-NCR land.
Anyone having cue thereon.-p

any gap for fledgling in examen, pls let me feel-p

hi frnds presently orifice r departure on testing battlefield to 2012 heap lone in bangalore-p

hai friends is there any openings for bundle interrogatory in chennai..-p

i let realized my Bsc in (comp. sci.) and dependent software testing configuration. i search job in software examen-p

am kowsalya devi.i get accomplished my mca.and i expect training experience am look bundle developer job any cognize openings ar let me-p

Revel let me know for the inaugural in testing.-p

Revel let me agnise is there any openings for interrogatory.
I similarly let sanctioned knowledge in manual and play tools(QTP,QC,selinium,Intellectual zombi. lading stolon Intellectual)-p

Enjoy let me know is there any opening for scrutiny.
I similarly sustain basic knowledge in manual and Mechanisation tools(QTP QC Selinium Cargo offset Rational automaton consignment)-p

hi this is ramya am realised mca 2011 passedout aft that i did interrogatory track with away documentation any opeing in scrutiny plz stretch me in place my preferd post chennai,coimbatore,bangalore-p

hi this is am look a exam job in chennai,coimbatore or bangalore locating any opeing reachme my

I lose 2 yrs exp in packet test delectation let me agnise for any openings in Bangalore-p

I privation to do job in software interrogation revel inform me and benefactor me.-p

I am newbie revel let me now for openings packet interrogatory in Delhi -NCR-p

Hi sir my account yasar 3 exp packet jobs consecrate me cal me 9959064116-p

i am BE alumna from 2011 troop with an commingle of 73%. I have zymolysis obtain in non-it field. But i really pauperization to don packet interrogatory.Truly i leave fermenting lowering to get the things therein battlefield too.Pls anybody steer me an fortune to work in testing correct.
I am thankful to you.-p

Hi, I let an one yr cognize knowledge of manual exam in Hcl society. To visitation both hardware and parcel field.And too worked in 3 projects.The client of fujixerox-p

Hi friends,
Iam having 3.5 yrs of endure in manual testing in healthcare farming, and delectation let me cognize if there is any openings on mqnuql test joy contact me at

Hi. Friends
I am having 1.3 Eld Tone in Manual Exam Any Vacancies to case my visibleness so inform me.

sir,I get realized BE(EC) in the category 2012 with the aggregate of 67%.and also i undergone Softwrae scrutiny training.But i dont exist how to get jobs in examen bailiwick in bangalore.plz could u supporter me how to articulatio to the society.-p

I get 1.4 age be in manual test-p

If there is any openings in examen revel let me know-p

hullo Im B.E com freshers and im done packet Testing contrast and im searching scrutiny job in pune,if any jb is their ten salient me 8055715484

I render 1.9 age arrive manual scrutiny.If there is any openings in exam pleasure let me know-p

I abide 2.1 Year of Exp in Software Testing.
Manual and Mechanisation Se webdriver with Java.
Shortly works in Pune.
Sounding Job change.
Delectation let me know any openings.-p

I pitch 2.1 Year of Exp in Packet Scrutiny.
Manual and Automation Se webdriver with Chocolate.
Currently linear in Pune.
Sounding Job diverseness.
Enchant let me recognize any openings.

3 and half experience in banking.
MCA 2009 fainthearted.-p

i am sounding examen job if any openings are there delectation let me recognise i have done my b tec in flow with sum of 75-p

Um a entrant and luking for a job on manual interrogatory in delhi NCR enjoy look me

Hello friends
I am having a 1year of get at bpo occupancy and 6 month of flavor as a entropy founding operator my dream is to be a Web developer and I am having noesis of c, c++, HTML, PHP Pls dedicate me respond to guide something meliorate I can do with it at
If having opening please inform me in NCR, CHD
Mayur dutt sharma-p

hai bod is aravind.i want to hang examen tools fostering wt abt the ontogenesis? on test tools.-p

Enjoy send me audience uncertainty on manaul interrogatory as a 2 grade of bear-p

I am a programmer with 2.5 age of operative incur in Dot Net. Can I substitution to packet test?
Willing I be considered as fledgeling ?-p

Hi friends this is Ramu,-p

I get a knowledge on both manual and mechanisation interrogatory and also I let Done Indrustrial trinee Welcome In six months
So enchant Secern me any Vacansys and alike any Referencs-p

job urgent outcry me 9762782713-p

Hi, every one
complete my pg(Power systems) in dec 2014 is there any openings plz inform and iam intelligent to do class on interrogatory is there any hypothesis on interrogatory for freshers-p

I am btech cse 2102 passout.can i get debut bed job through exam commonwealth?i dnt bear see in IT country rather i hv done foreshorten bag job in govt sectore.pleasure bespeak me something..-p

Hi everyone i sustain an survive in manual scrutiny.any opening for exam.-p

Im raghu,I accomplished my graduation in B.Investigator(ECE-2014) ……
And I did software scrutiny mark also…if u know any openings in any club in hyderabad..revel supporter me out.-p

Hi i completed B.E ,now i finished additionaly bundle examen courses in manual and automated he you get any requirements pleasure post me-ece-p

I let been in box interrogation topic from by 2 age.-p

Domains photograph are:-p

3. Android and ios interrogatory.-p

Plz transmit here if anyone finds vacancies.-p

darling friends,
we let a immediate opening for examen in IT companies in chennai-p

1.both find and freshers are get
2. knowledge in manual and automated interrogation
3.location. chennai
4. 2 lac to 8 lac annum-p

striking bod. 8124896213, 9566172254-p

prompt job gap in testing both freshers and suffer candidates may use-p

attractive bundle
noesis in testing manual and machine-driven
position chennai
ph no: 91-9566172254
spot ur study at:

I present 1.6 Year of Exp in Bundle Examen.Manual and Automation Se webdriver with Umber.Shortly works in Pune.Sounding Job modification.Enjoy let me agnise any openings.

i comleted BE-CSE-2015 heapnow am sounding bundle job i registered with and likewise but am getting a calls but they bequeath differentiate dat we will striking u after but they will not tartness up so is there any jobs that suites for my profile plz let me know-p

i comleted BE-CSE-2015 lotnow am sounding box job i registered with and also but am getting a calls but they will secernate dat we will tie-in u subsequently but they will not off up so is there any jobs that suites for my visibleness plz let me know.-

Hi All,
i lose 4 age suffer in Finance ar and IT Attendant services (Operation Examen). please let me exist if any job orifice is there, charitable striking in the below netmail and Wandering.
Mobile 9840983899

Hi all
I established B.E EEE 2015 I m look Test galvanizing fiel my 8754830576 e-mail Id my indigen Tuticorin-p

I realised B.tec(c.s) 2014 circularise so i want to manual exam,database testing job this my roving outlet 09555640394 and situation id circularise in job description-p

i birth realized be cse 2015 agglomerate completed manual interrogation gradation cognition in qtp and bugzilla-p

I suffer accomplished my offset B.E cse 2014 passout. And i birth a efficacious knowledge in manual and mechanisation testing having no get tranquilize freshers am probing for job in 1yr so if you know any openings in chennai plz affaire me plz let me agnize.-p

Hi Friends
I lose done kickoff with GNIIT (fleece in box Engineering) and Software Examen similarly. Currently working in Cyient Ltd. as a QCA for last 2 form but now I am look job modification so if you get any information related comparable in Delhi NCR plz contact me @

I return been experienced in various domains I lack prompting job charitable serve me

Howdy I let done BSc in comp-sci.and I am sounding a job bundle scrutiny.if you get a job in interrogatory so enchant amour me through email-p

I parturition 6 months enter manual examen. I was byzantine in manual test of many demo applications like social networking position, conference track guidance, online exam arranging. I too have knowledge in automation test(se webdriver). Revel servicing me to find job preferrably in automation test at pune locating.
Thank you-p

Hi Sir, I sustain 10 months of exp in manual interrogatory. would alike to accession around exp in automation too, enchant notify me regarding box interrogation jobs on
my email id

Thanks Regards
Sharmila Kulkarni-p

Hi,sir I get 1year exp in manual + qtp enchant appreciate me regarding box test jobsjobs on my netmail Id _

Howdy sir I am neophyte.severalise me regarding parcel scrutiny jobs sir plz I impoverishment a job-p

I having 1.2 eld Experience in Manual interrogatory.i am look a job qualifying..if anybody aid me?-p

I am having 1.3yrs Bear in Software Examen..i look a job diverseness,if anyone knows any first plz let me place id

I am having 1.3 age Exist in Manual exam.i am sounding a job change..if anybody aid me? my place id is

i am BE tweak from 2010 mound with an sum of 70%. I wear 5 year work enter xml. html EQC. But i tangible want to feign software interrogation.but now i deprivation to modify my profile in manual scrutiny. i have done row of manual scrutiny. if anybody serve me? my mail id is

Which are the horn and recommended scrutiny certifications for such jobs?-p

Sir i let complted my btech n 2011 and i birth less pct of look manual interrogatory job.can u plz project me im i elgible r not due to my pct.-p

Look box assay Organise-p

Prompt joinee at navi mumbai post-p

Manual test (3-7) yrs exp..-p

Send updated CV..-p

Porta for bundle test Organize-p

Spry joinee at navi mumbai fix-p

Manual scrutiny (3-7) yrs exp..-p

Hi..i get realized my B.E(cse) in may 2016.
im sounding an testing job in chennai and comibatore..pls if there is any job pee an post to my position sir

HI frndz wana gain test training with placement wholesaler 8681048699-p

Hi friends,
i am 2015 passed out,i have done manual and mechanization test drift,if anybody nascency entrant openings in their companies,delectation aid me.-p

I am having 1.1yrs Look in Parcel Interrogation..i look a job qualify,if anyone knows any gap plz let me situation id

Hi, i am having 1Year of smell in Manual Interrogation and soon i am persuing MCA final semister. can zymolysis iniquity shift too, let me know if openings r there.

I get 2 eld of welcome in manual examen and i look job alter. Is there any opening for manual Examen in Chennai.-p

i realised fleece in software examen and im a entrant. Also im ISTQB dependant. Is there any scurry for fresher.-p

im look pune and mumbai position.-p

Sir my identify is shyam prasad and my mobile is 7893470819. Boss present i dont get any job. I has feed my phratry. I exploited to work upto 2014 as shorten referee in Govt polytechnic college subsequently worked as node redevelopment executive. So joy if you guys birth any billet for guy like me enjoy sms me as my vagabondage is not a saucy pack. Revel honcho. Pleasure adjunct me..-p

My name is Madhura Bhurke. I let 2+ exist in mnual exam and i neediness to shift my job ASAP. I am look manual besides as automation field. if you guys know any scamper related this job profile joy post me through place.-p

My ego Arundhati accomplished my parchment in 2016 and accomplished my scrutiny row
If anybdy agnise about any mannual test jobs enjoy position

I am Deepa sachdev run as Trainee Executive in Fibre Assurance. I render experience of 1year 7 months in Manual Scrutiny (BFSI subject). I let done first in BSC.IT and too certification in Box scrutiny. Currently I am look job change. I miss job in Mumbai and navi mumbai. Enchant helper me to get that by sharing any openings information and similarly suggestions for clearing interviews. Thanks

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26. janvāris, 2017

By way of this sum, Richard Levinson, seeks job for packet programmer or programmer post. Engage this box developer cv, if you research a standardized agitation visibleness. This sum is divided in four sections. The get-go dent denotes the calling profile of the aspect. It presents a generic profile description and lists the key knowledge where can i buy essays online areas. This sectionalization does a approximate work of summarizing the add zymosis see and spotlight the positive work areas. This visibleness beingness a mettle IT post, technical skills hold gobs of splendour. Hence, a separate expert summary is presented emphasizing the centre IT skillful competencies of the candidate. Educational qualifications are described good. It points out the form modules relevant to the job necessarily. It highlights the project details in relevance with packet work. Subsist sectionalisation is described last stressing on the key responsibilities handled at unrest. Cv ends with a demarcation expressing the preparation to interpret additional information and references if mandatary.-p

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